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Stuart Schechter

Credit Insurance agent for 16 years with American Credit Indemnity which became Euler Hermes, the largest credit insurer in the world.

Credit insurance agent for 5 years Continental Insurance, which became Coface.

A credit insurance policy insures the seller (manufacturer, wholesaler, or service company) against buyer non payment due to bankruptcy, insolvency, any form of inability to pay, or non payment due to foreign country political events. In addition to risk mitigation, it is a management tool that can provide safe sales growth and increased borrowing capabilities by transferring credit risk to an insurer.

As agent is responsible for finding and creating new business opportunities, negotiating with both the clients and insurance companies, and servicing the clients for the life of the relationship. I am an expert in borrowing requirements, finance, credit and collections.

Credit Insurance broker for 15 years; 2 years with Summit/Fleet Bank and 13 years self employed.

Specialty credit insurance broker representing the five major credit insurance companies. Expert in all five policies. Provide multiple quotes with the largest credit insurers, negotiate with all the insurers, and service the client for the life of the relationship, at no cost to the client.

Speaker at numerous credit insurance seminars and workshops, the US Department of Commerce and the Export-Import Bank of the US (Eximbank.)

Reseller of worldwide Coface Credit Reports

Coface Credit Reports are prepared by one of the largest credit insurers in the world –,  The subjects are contacted and provide in-depth credit information on their business. The sections include Identification and Executive Summary, History, Website, Key Events/Recent Development, Ownership/ Management, Business Operations, Related Companies, Payments and Rating (Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, Poor, Not Yet Determined), Risk Rating, Banking, Financial Highlights, Financial Comments, Delinquent Payment Record, Legal and Remarks. Additional information is garnered from other sources, including courts, which provide information on any suits, judgments, tax liens, etc.

We offer these reports on an “a la carte basis” – no contract or up-front fee requirement. The client orders the report from us, and we order the report from Coface. Upon our receipt of the report, we send the report to our client with the invoice. Sample credit reports can be shown upon request.

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